How to choose pearls? Pearl purchase considerations

Many people like to buy pearl jewelry to wear, and how to choose pearls has become a very necessary tip. So how exactly should we choose pearls when buying pearl jewelry?

1. Roundness.

Natural pearls can come in all shapes and sizes, but the round ones are the rarest and most beautiful. Therefore, when choosing pearls, we should try to pick those that are round in shape, which is a symbol of quality and beauty.

2. Color and luster.

Pearls come in a variety of colors, of which white is the most common, while black, gold and white with a rose halo are the most precious. The soul of the pearl is both in the color and in the luster, so pick a pearl with good luster to match the color of the pearl to glow with beauty. So how do we choose pearls from the point of view of luster? We can place the pearl on a soft white cloth and observe the luster of the pearl. Another way is to look at the light and see if the pearls have a colorful iridescence or a metallic spherical texture, the brighter and more layered the luster, the higher the quality of the pearl.

3. Flaws.

If the surface of a good pearl is full of pimples, spots, pits and dots, it will greatly affect the beauty and quality of the pearl, so the fewer the imperfections the better the pearl should be. As a rule, if you cannot see any obvious flaws from 0.5 meters away, such pearls are within the acceptable range even if they have flaws.

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